Code of Chivalry

A Knight must...

...have the Courage to stand up for what they believe is right. Courtesy to all, high and low, in all places, at all times.

...develop their personal Prowess, that they may be ready to defend what they believe in.

...view their deeds with Humility, always giving credit to those around them first, and entrusting their own renown to the words of others.

...strive for Justice, defending the innocent and the values of truth and nobility, and placing others' interests before their own with a merciful heart.

...have Faith in their ideals and not surrender to the misdeeds of others.

...demonstrate Loyalty to others, keeping those close to them and their interests safe.

...bestow Generosity within their means, through their goods, their time, and their spirit.

...embrace Honor by conducting themselves in a noble, knightly manner at all times and leading by example.

All of Kron's programs have the Code of Chivalry as their basis, presented in a gender-neutral, non-discriminatory manner so that it may be easily accessible to people of all backgrounds.

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