Kron is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational charity which incorporated in 2005. We are located in Ellensburg, Washington State, with programs at local, regional and global levels.


Kronís mission is to offer education and character development opportunities to children, youth and families via the Code of Chivalry, using the knight of the middle ages as a model. While the historical Code of Chivalry was a code of conduct intended for use by, and for, the noble elite hundreds of years ago, it is Kronís position that many values espoused in the Code of Chivalry, when applied in a humanistic, inclusive and non-discriminatory manner, still serve as inspiration and guidance today.

It has always been Kronís position that the chivalric virtues such as courage, courtesy, humility, justice loyalty, generosity and honor are for everyone; through the practice of chivalry, all people can enrich, and be enriched by, the lives of others. Since its inception, Kronís programs have been a positive force on many thousands of families via outreach with schools, libraries and partners both public and private. Every program Kron offers has, at its core, an emphasis on what makes the knight a knight: their character, not their sword, armour or castle.

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Ellensburg, WA 98926
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